Which CBD Oil for Dogs Is Best?

CBD oil for dogs varies almost as much as breeds of dogs can vary. There are full-spectrum oils, CBD isolate oils, oils that are labeled as PCR oils, hemp oils, etc. It can become very confusing to the average person who knows very little about cannabis, hemp, CBD, or any of these terms. How do you know which one to buy and which one is best for your dog? Let us attempt to put your mind at ease and answer a few of these questions for you.

The Best Oils Have Similar Attributes

You should want your CBD oil to come from a source you can know about. Third-party testing allows the consumer to know where the oil came from and what exactly is in the oil. If the oil is a CBD isolate, they are some of the best CBD oil for dogs because dogs cannot have THC.

You should choose a dosage that is right for your dog, by weight. CannaBiDog has three different dosage sizes available, for example, to suit dogs of all sizes. The dosage amount refers to the concentration of CBD in the bottle. The bottle is the same size but for the smaller dosage is less mg of CBD in that bottle.

If you have a dog the size of a Rottweiler, you don’t want to give him the same amount as a five-pound Chihuahua. It won’t be enough CBD to really matter to him. You also would likely give too much to your small dog if you give him the dose for the larger dog.

CBD isn’t dangerous, don’t worry. You can’t overdose your dog to the point that you’d harm him. What might happen is that he would become tired and sleepy. He might also begin to have soft stools and diarrhea if he is taking too much CBD. These are the quickest ways to know that he is taking more than he can handle. What if he’s taking the mg size for him and he is still sleepy or having diarrhea? Give him fewer drops and lower the amount you are giving him for a few days until he normalizes.

If he is still having his symptoms at that lower dose, you can more gradually increase the amount you give him, allowing his body some time to adjust to the CBD in his system. No animal has ever died from taking CBD. You also need not worry about addiction or withdrawal symptoms. CBD does not cause this problem. Dogs cannot have THC and it is very toxic to them. They can’t metabolize it from their system fast enough, as humans can. Therefore, the CBD isolate (which means it is ONLY cannabidiol) is not dangerous in any way and there is no risk in using it. It has been shown to have a remarkable ability to improve the symptoms of pain, seizures, and the impacts of many chronic health issues.  With no risk, there is no reason not to attempt to help your pet by using CBD.

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