What Might Cause a Dog to Become Aggressive

If your dog is having behavioral issues, especially ones that result in uncharacteristically aggressive behavior, you’re probably spending a lot of time worrying about your pooch. Aggressive dogs are typically dangerous, so it can be very hard noticing these behavior changes in your sweet pet. Getting to the bottom of the problem and treating it accordingly is a very important part of pet ownership.

What Is Aggression in Dogs

“Aggression” can manifest in ways that aren’t only biting or attacking. There are more subtle ways that canine aggression can become a problem. You need to recognize these behavioral patterns and catch aggression early on to avoid the more dangerous stages of aggression in your dog’s personality.

Some signs of aggression include:

  • Growling
  • Stiff posture
  • Raised hair on the back or neck
  • Forceful jumping
  • Baring of the teeth
  • Biting
  • Pinning their ears back

While not all of these may indicate concern for a dog who may attack, they are not good behavior signs and should be looked at carefully. It’s important to remember that by teaching your pooch that all signs of aggression are wrong, you can avoid major problems down the line.

Common Reasons Why Aggression Happens

If your dog is not often aggressive, there is usually a trigger for this behavior. A lot of times, it can be physical or environmental, and easily solved. Other times, it’s a more serious issue that may take some time and care to find a solution for.

The most common and easily solved triggers for aggressive behavior in dogs include:

  • Physical pain
  • Feelings of fear (loud noises, quick movements, unknown surroundings)
  • Illness
  • Protective nature
  • The need to establish dominance (maybe over new people, other dogs, or new places)

A couple of more serious situations may be at play, also. Dogs can suffer from PTSD and trauma just like people, and high-stress situations may bring out their aggressive traits. Aging and other behavioral disorders may be at fault.

Handling Your Dog’s Aggression

Not all is lost if your dog is showing more signs of aggression than usual! CBD Drops for Dogs has proven to be very effective in keeping them calm, handling stress and pain, and treating other forms of canine anxiety to reduce situational aggression in pets.

Using CBD For Your Dog

Unlike THC, CBD oil and tinctures have no psychoactive properties. They have been proven to provide a calming effect and pain management in a natural, organic way in humans. Many pet owners have found that it works wonders with their nervous pets or those who suffer with chronic pain.

To use it, just put the correct dosage on your dog’s tongue. It’s an oil, so it’s tasteless and odorless and mess-free!

Other Solutions

If CBD oil isn’t a great option for you, there are other ways to manage aggression. Consider getting your dog into physical therapy for pain, asking your vet for some medications, or going to calm, therapeutic outings together that aren’t crowded or stressful. For younger dogs, a behavioral class could help, too.

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