What CBD Dosage Should I Give My Dog, and How Often?

CBD dosage

Since the increasing popularity of CBD for dogs in the past couple of years, more pet owners are looking into CBD oil as a natural alternative to help their pets. While it seems like the research world is catching up to this new trend, pet owners are ready to jump on board and try CBD oil for their furry family members, but still with some questions. One of the most common questions is what CBD dosage do I give my dog and how often.


What CBD dosage do I give my dog?

Let’s just start by saying, there really isn’t one simple CBD dosage that will work for every dog and every health condition. Just like humans, the physiology of each and every dog is different; therefore even subtle differences in dosage can have varying effects in terms of productivity and efficiency. However, the best way to determine dosage for your dog is by weight.

Very generally speaking, a rough “starting point” in terms of CBD for dogs is 0.05mg x lb., twice daily (Tier 1, Low Dosage on the chart below). The idea is that if you start off small enough, you will be able to pinpoint when the effect of CBD becomes noticeable. Then after a week or so, you can increase the dosage as necessary. Still, we recommend closely following the dosing instructions that came with your product, though it is okay to start smaller than the dosing instructions in the beginning like mentioned previously. If your doggo consumes too much CBD oil, there aren’t any extreme side effects. Your dog just may be drowsy, have possible diarrhea, dry mouth, and other mild symptoms.

CBD dosage chart

The dosage over time will also depend on what you are trying to help your doggie with. CBD for dogs has been used to help with arthritis, pain, inflammation, anxiety, and many other things. As such, CBD dosing will depend on which of these conditions you are helping treat. Arthritis, pain, and inflammation may require a larger dose meanwhile things like anxiety and immune health might require less dosage.


How often should I give my dog CBD?

Just as with dosage, what you are trying to help your pet with has an impact on how often you should administer CBD to your dog. With most conditions, such as pain, joint issues, anxiety, seizures, cancer, and inflammation, it is recommended to give your dog CBD oil every 8 hours, or twice a day.

Even if your dog does not have health issues, CBD is a great antioxidant among having other amazing health benefits:

  • Antioxidants provide huge health and longevity benefits for your dog. Your dog will have a better quality of life and may live longer.
  • CBD is also neuroprotective, meaning that it helps maintain and regulate brain health.
  • CBD oil can help reduce inflammation. When there is prolonged inflammation (aka chronic inflammation), it can further lead to aging and serious diseases, such as cancer. In other words, by helping reduce inflammation, this is another way CBD oil may help prevent disease.
  •  CBD oil can help balance blood sugar and help prevent diabetes.

As you can see, even administering CBD oil to your dog once a day has huge long-term health benefits.


Is it safe to give my dog CBD every day?

Because of CBD oil’s lack of psychoactive effects, it has been shown to be safe for daily use. Like mentioned previously, if your dog “overdoses” on CBD oil, you can expect mild side effects such as drowsiness, possible diarrhea, or dry mouth, but these side effects are not common. As long as you are following a proper dosage regimen, your pup should not have adverse affects. Important: make sure you are getting CBD oil that has been specifically made for dogs so that the dosing is applicable and you can stay away from other unwanted ingredients. Don’t know what to look for in a CBD product for your dog? Find out what to look for here.