Ways to Help an Anxious Dog

Does your dog seem to get anxiety frequently, or struggle with being able to relax in certain settings or circumstances? If you have a dog with anxiety, it can feel discouraging and disheartening trying to ease their tense moods and get them to wind down. Knowing what they need and how to help them will strengthen your bond together and give them a much better quality of life!

What Causes Anxiety In Dogs

Since there is so many different kinds of anxiety types that may present themselves in your pooch’s behavior, pinpointing the specific cause for your unique pet is difficult. However, many ways of calming and comforting an anxious dog work well regardless of the cause.

A few of the most common reasons why your dog may be experiencing anxiety include:

  • Social Anxiety
  • Abandonment Anxiety
  • Sudden noise & movement Anxiety

Each of these forms of anxiety are pretty understandable when you look at the world from your dog’s perspective. Time and reality move differently in their perception of things, so it’s important to make them feel as safe and relaxed as we can.

3 Ways To Help Treat Canine Anxiety Symptoms

An anxious dog just wants you to “hear” them, and help them to feel safe. You don’t always have the option to change whatever it is that is causing tension, so the next best thing is to help them cope with it. These 3 tactics can ease anxious attitudes and encourage relaxation.

1. Stick With Familiarity

Travel anxiety, social anxiety, or even abandonment anxiety can all be treated with a little bit of familiarity to increase your dog’s comfort levels. If they are acting jittery about new places, people, or experiences, just bring along a favorite toy or blanket that is heavily scented of home and peace.

During a move or a long trip, make sure your dog has their own special “safe place”, and use as many familiar objects and smells as you can. Introduce changes slowly. If their anxiety increases, try to use a distraction tactic along with keeping plenty of familiar memorabilia around.

2. Natural Remedies

Though not many people think of it, CBD Drops for Dogs has the same health benefits available as it does for humans. For dogs with separation anxiety, symptoms related to pain or health problems, and tension from sudden noises, CBD oil works wonders.

You can also try an aromatherapy route with various relaxation aides in the form of oil, toys, treats, and mists that may help your dog loosen up.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

No matter is giving your pet the quakes, in most cases, they’ll eventually get over it. Chronic anxiety in dogs is real, but you can help make it manageable by continuing to fight it as a team, just as humans do. The more time you spend showing them that their fears don’t need to be such a big deal, the quicker they’ll be able to resolve these anxious feelings. If separation anxiety is the problem, practice leaving for short time periods frequently, and make a big deal of it when you come home. This same effect can be applied to any other area bringing your dog stress.

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