The Success of Tests on CBD for Dogs

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Cannabidiol, or CBD, has already met with tremendous success in improving the lives of pets everywhere. Dog owners use CBD to help their dogs with all kinds of ailments, from anxiety to arthritis.

Of course, before any product can be fully endorsed by the FDA, it must undergo rigorous testing. This is to evaluate how the product performs in a variety of situations and on a variety of subjects so that the organization can say with confidence how it will perform when used by a third party. For many dog owners, FDA endorsement is an important factor, and there are some who are waiting for that final endorsement before trying this new supplement for their pets. However, there is clinical testing underway that is helping pet owners feel more comfortable about trying CBD for their dog.


The Effects of CBD on Arthritis

A study at Cornell University measured the potential effects of CBD on arthritis using an olive oil placebo as a control method and taking measurements at regular intervals to see how much of the compound remained in the dog’s system. The study showed a decrease in pain during the periods in which the test subject dogs had been given CBD. Furthermore, no adverse effects were recorded. Although it was conducted on a relatively small number of dogs, this test builds confidence that CBD is a reliable supplement.


The Effects of CBD on Epilepsy

The James Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Colorado State University has released findings from a study to see how CBD might impact the instances of seizures in dogs. The research of the study addressed other questions as well, but those questions are still being fully explored. Early findings, however, confirm the hypothesis that dogs with epilepsy can see positive results from the use of CBD. This study also addressed the question of safety and it too found no ill effects on the dogs from the use of CBD.

The Yamazaki University of Animal Health in Japan conducted a somewhat similar test after the FDA approved a CBD infused drug to treat epilepsy in humans. The Japanese study aimed to discover whether CBD could be just as useful to dogs. Two of three dogs experienced a significant reduction in seizures while participating in this study.

Research into the full effects of CBD is ongoing, but everything looks very promising, and there are no results that suggest any ill effects on dogs after the use of the compound. It seems that CBD is a perfectly safe natural alternative that may be effective in a wide variety of circumstances.