Side Effects of CBD in Dogs – What to Watch For

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dog 2208473 1280

If you’ve chosen to try CBD as a supplement for your dog, one concern you may have is what side effects are common among dogs who use CBD and whether or not any of them are particularly dangerous. You care for your dog, and he trusts you to look after him, so you want to make sure that anything you give him to eat, drink, or otherwise consume is healthy and not something that will put him at risk.

CBD and its effects on dogs are still being studied by scientists. Fortunately, we do have plenty of anecdotal evidence on the subject, and trends indicate that the most common side effects have been both rare and mild. Your dog has little to fear from CBD.

However, here are some of the side effects that have been noted.


A bit of tiredness or lethargy is probably the most common side effect observed in dogs after the use of CBD. CBD treatments are not intended to make your dog sleepy—they can be used to reduce anxiety, which is conducive to better sleep. The side effect of drowsiness observed from CBD is generally comparable to that seen from an antihistamine, but if your dog is significantly more sleepy or less energetic during the day, CBD might be the wrong choice for him.

Nausea and Other Stomach Complaints

Some dogs simply don’t digest CBD very comfortably. This is usually a matter of the dosage being wrong, so try scaling back—you should always start your dog on a low dose and increase from there. If the CBD you’re giving your dog is in the form of a chewable or treat, it’s possible he’s reacting badly to another component, so consider switching to a tincture and see whether that suits him better.


Most dogs will not suffer dry skin or allergies after using CBD, but some might, so keep an eye on your pet. If he’s scratching or biting at his skin more than usual, he might be in some discomfort. It’s a judgment call for you as to whether the use of CBD is worth it, in this case—is the itchiness worth the benefit your dog is getting from the compound?

Studies continue, but to date only mild side effects have been observed in dogs using CBD, so the wisdom is that there is no cause for concern. If you have a question about CBD products and their effects on dogs feel free to reach out!