CBD Dosage Amounts for Your Dog

Very generally speaking, a rough “starting point” in terms of CBD for dogs is 0.05mg x lb., twice daily (Tier1, Low Dosage). The idea is that if you start off small enough, you will be able to pinpoint the exact threshold where the effect of CBD becomes noticeable.

Here is what we suggest for your starting low dosage based on your dog’s weight, per product. After a week or so, you can increase the dosage as necessary. But do not exceed dosage instructions on the bottle.

CBD has been used to help dogs with arthritis, pain, inflammation, anxiety, and many other things. As such, dosing will depend on which of these conditions you are helping treat. Arthritis, pain, and acute inquiry may require a larger dose meanwhile things like anxiety and immune health might require less dosage.

When in doubt, always read the labels on your product carefully. We recommend closely following the dosing instructions that came with your product, though it is okay to start smaller than the dosing instructions in the beginning stages of administering like mentioned previously.

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