Is CBD Worth The Money?

CBD products for dogs

When you first look into CBD products for your dog, you may get a little bit of sticker shock. CBD products are usually more on the pricey side of dog supplements; however, there is definitely reason for that. Not only are CBD products for dogs more expensive and complex to make, but the benefits of CBD for dogs are endless.


The Cost of Making CBD Products

The raw ingredient for CBD supplements all start with the industrial hemp plant. Most industrial hemp comes from hemp farms. The hemp needs to be planted, watered, and weeded. The weeding process looks a little different because hemp farms cannot use herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides. This is because hemp is a natural soil cleanser – meaning if traditional weed solutions are used, these chemicals will show up in the hemp plant later. With hemp, weeding requires vigilance, either through row cultivation or hoes – which means more people to pay to keep everything in tip-top shape. Then the hemp plant has to be harvested, yet another step to get the plants from the farm to the lab.

Once the hemp plant is harvested, it goes through an extraction process to separate the cannabinoids (like CBD) from the plant. There are a few different extraction methods, but the safest method to date is CO2 Extraction. This extraction method process takes place by pushing CO2 through the plant at high pressures and low temperatures. This cleanly extracts the CBD in its purest form, ensuring the product is safe and free from chlorophyll. This extraction method is the most expensive, but also the best and cleanest, especially for your dog.

Once you factor in the costs for growing and harvesting the hemp, and extracting the CBD, you then have to find other ingredients that suit your furry friend’s needs and actually manufacture a good product.


The Value of CBD for Dogs

As you can see, to get a product on the shelf that has significant amounts of CBD and is safe for your dog, it takes time, money, and entails a tedious process. Once it gets on that shelf and is available to your dog, the value of that product can be measured by its’ immense benefits.

Here are some of the top health benefits of CBD for your dog:


  • Inhibits Cell Growth in Tumors/Cancer Cells
  • Relieves Pain and Reduces Inflammation

Other benefits can include:


  • Reduces blood sugar
  • Neuroprotectant
  • Reduces nausea
  • Helps treat psoriasis

CBD is also great for a dog of any age and can be thought of as a daily supplement to help support your dog’s health and happiness.


Once we understand the amazing benefits CBD has to offer, paying that higher price tag makes a lot more sense. As pet owners, we will do whatever it takes to make our furry companions happy and comfortable. It is always worth it to spend a little more for products that are effective, safe, and make your dog’s quality of life better.