How Long Will CBD Dog Treats Take to Work for Your Furry Friend?

You’ve got a dog and he has a chronic condition. You’d like to try CBD and you’ve seen it advertised virtually everywhere but you have questions; namely, you’d like to know how quickly you can expect it to work because your dog is in pain and you want to ease that discomfort as quickly as you can. We’ve got good news for you. CBD for dogs is a great alternative therapy that can give them real relief without sacrificing their health in other ways.

CBD Works Faster for Your Furry Friend Than Prescriptions

Furry Friend

For many dogs with chronic conditions, pain is the top symptom that causes issues for them. Pain makes it difficult to lead a happy life. We all want our pets to be happy and we’d do anything to ensure they are not in pain. This means that we are seeking help for their pain when we are wondering if CBD can help them most of the time.

Pain medications, especially those that are addictive, can take several days to reach a potency within the body to be effective. After a few days, these drugs are already causing addiction in many cases. Sadly, your dog doesn’t know any better and he can’t tell you that he doesn’t want to take an addictive pain pill.

Major differences in using CBD is that CBD begins working immediately, from the moment it enters their system. Within a few minutes, they will already be feeling the impact of CBD in their body and getting relief from symptoms.

On top of that great news, CBD is not addictive either. You can skip a dose, forget a dose, or simply choose to stop giving it at any time. Your dog won’t feel any effects. There are no withdrawals associated with the end of taking CBD. With prescription pain pills, simply skipping one dose can bring about behavioral changes in your dog from withdrawal symptoms. CBD has no such symptoms.

CBD Is Very Safe

In study after study, no long-term ill effects have ever been documented from CBD usage. It’s a plant-derived substance, natural and without additives. Using an organic oil that is CO2 extracted is the best way to ensure that your dog will be safe while using CBD. Some companies use cheap extraction methods that might leave toxins behind. It’s possible that hemp will be from less than desirable locations as well. This can also cause contaminants to be in the oil.

Choose organic CBD that is CO2 extracted and look for third-party testing that can confirm this. Ask or the third-party test sheet and if a company fails to produce this paperwork, move on to another company. Following these simple steps will ensure that your oil is better than most and your dog can be given doses easily, by dropping it on food, on treats, or giving directly to them from the dropper. This can be easy, once the dog learns to like the oil. Many dogs like it right away. CBD should have an earthy flavor that is mild and readily eaten when added to their food.

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