How Dogs Tell You They’re In Pain

How Dogs Tell You They’re In Pain

When humans are in pain, we often can’t shut up about it. Dogs can’t be quite as obvious as we people are, but they have their ways of communicating discomfort to us. As dogs age, it’s especially important to be receptive to what they need to tell you, especially concerning pain. Watch for the signs and do what you can to ease their suffering.

Notice The Signs

Different pain points will manifest in different behaviors in your dog, so your dog may be in pain but not exhibiting all 4 of these communication tactics. Even if you see just one odd behavior that could be associated with pain, it’s important to look into.

1. Consistent whining and whimpering

Dogs are tough and will usually walk off their pain, but at times, it’s impossible. A dog who hurts more than they can handle may be very vocal about it, with whines and groans or whimpering. This is especially noticeable during times they are attempting to move.

2. Excessive grooming

Have you ever noticed how your dog will clean an injury? Maybe a cut or a bump on their tail or legs. The same concept goes for an internal injury, or arthritis pain. Your dog will excessively lick and groom the specific pain point, even if you can’t see any external injury.

3. Restlessness & sleeping trouble

You’re probably well aware of how hard it is to sleep if something is hurting you. From organ pain to body aches, finding a position that is comfortable is impossible when pain is involved. Your dog will toss and turn in their own way by constantly repositioning themselves and being unable to doze off.

4. Major Behavioral Changes

Dogs react to pain in different ways, but it will almost always affect the way they act around you. Some dogs become clingy and needy, unable to leave you alone. Others may become distant, or even aggressive, when you try to show them affection.

Getting Them Relief

A lot of research has been done to show the amazing pain-relieving benefits of CBD for pain in people, and it works just as well for dogs too. CBD products for dogs can take the edge off of arthritis pain or anxiety related to experiencing the side effects of aging.

Pain Management for Dogs

Joint supplements for dogs helps to offset the pain, strengthen their bodies, and keep them limber and youthful for longer. Your dog should be frequently taking vitamins and medications including CBD supplements to help with the exhaustion of aging. Other methods can help manage pain like acupuncture or massages.