Firework Anxiety and Your Dog

Firework Anxiety and Your Dog

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Independence Day is drawing near, and you may have already begun hearing the first few fireworks in and around your neighborhood. On July Fourth, you can expect the sky to light up and thunderous bangs to fill the air. It’s an exciting spectacle for you and your family—but for your dog, it can be an exercise in terror.

If you notice your dog trembling, whining, pacing, or showing other signs of anxiety during the fireworks, don’t worry—there are several things you can do to help him out and make him feel more safe and secure until the show’s over.

Get a Dog Anxiety Vest

Humans use the practice of swaddling to soothe infants. The same principle will work on your dog. A garment that applies gentle pressure will help relieve his anxiety and encourage him to relax. You can purchase a garment designed for just this purpose—let your dog get used to wearing it before the big day, so he isn’t trying to deal with two unfamiliar things at once. Another option is to wrap stretchy fabric around your dog’s shoulders and chest. If you go this route, it’s very important to make sure you haven’t wrapped your dog up too tightly. You don’t want to restrict his breathing or blood flow, and he should still be able to move around freely.

Keep Your Dog Occupied

One of the most comforting things for your dog is simply spending time with you. Break out the dog toys on the evening of the fourth and spend some time tossing a ball—if he’s small enough to do that indoors—or wrestling with a rope. You can also give your dog a stimulating toy, such as a KONG, which can be filled with a doggie delicacy like peanut butter or with dog treats. Your dog will become focused on trying to get the snack out of the KONG, effectively distracting him from the fireworks.

Try CBD Dog Treats

CBD tinctures and treats have been shown to help dogs suffering from anxiety to relax. It’s a good idea to try this treatment prior to the Fourth to see how your dog will be affected. CBD is a natural compound that has been known to have remarkable effects on dogs, both emotionally and physiologically, and might prove to be a highly successful way to help your dog remain calm during an anxiety-inducing event like fireworks.

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