Does your dog have anxiety?

Know how much CBD for dogs to use

Anxiety is caused by a lot of different things and any dog can have anxiety. It may be something akin to PTSD from prior bad experiences. We see it in dogs that are rescues who have come from backgrounds of abuse. Other dogs may simply be prone to anxiety due to their personality or genetics. Some breeds have more of a tendency to have anxiety than others.

Does your dog have anxiety

Common Signs of Anxiety

Destructive behavior – Some dogs, when left alone, can become very destructive. It’s a common issue and referred to as separation anxiety.

Howling and barking – Some dogs will howl and bark when you leave their sight or leave them home alone.

Shaking – An overt symptom of anxiety is a dog that is quivering or shaking. This can be seen when in a situation causing extreme fear and anxiety. Some dogs can be observed in shelters, shaking in their kennels. This situational anxiety will often stop when they are removed.

Agitation  – Some dogs will become grumpy, irritable, and even snappy when they have anxiety.

What Causes Anxiety and How Can You Treat It?

Dogs can have anxiety for a multitude of reasons, from poor treatment, to fear of situations that are new, and because they have more of a submissive personality, to begin with. Sometimes, all of the above converge to create extreme anxiety.

There are times when you rescue a dog that you will sadly never know why they have anxiety, only that they do. You need to help them but how?

Training is helpful.  A lack of self-confidence can exacerbate their anxiety, so teaching them things that can build their sense of self-confidence is a very good way to begin.

Puzzle toys have been shown to help them develop an interest in things that build their coping skills by distracting them from fears. When in a stressful situation, distracting them with a puzzle toy filled with goodies is a great way to help them learn to be less afraid of the situation they are in.

Some dogs need a little extra help to calm down before you can work with them at all. CBD oil for dogs works wonders because of the impact it has on moods. It can help them relax and pay more attention to training, rather than obsessing over their fears and triggers.

CBD has been an enormous help for many dogs with separation anxiety, allowing owners to go back to work with confidence, knowing their dog isn’t howling at home. Leaving them with a treat-filled toy that has more CBD in it will ensure they stay calm all day. Most brands of oil recommend that you use a drop for every ten pounds of body weight. You may give them 3-4 doses per day and overdose is not a concern. You may give them enough oil to cause some diarrhea, so be watchful and if they do develop diarrhea, reduce the amount of dosage until it stops. Gradually build your dose back up again from there.

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