CBD for Separation Anxiety in Dogs

The long-debated science, or lack thereof, of CBD for dogs still remains somewhat unproven… but due to an influx of positive, happy reviews about the effects it has, our gut says we’re onto something here. Many dogs, especially in either the younger or elderly stages of life, suffer from separation anxiety. Dogs are social creatures, and the term man’s best friend proves their loyalty and affection for those who care for them. Your dog loves being around you, but some dogs suffer greatly whenever you’re apart.

If you have a pooch who suffers from anxiety whenever you’re separated, or even just anxiety at all, it may be worth looking into some natural treatment options. Instead of trying to load your furry friend up on medications or strange habits to try and reduce these anxiety symptoms, CBD oil for dogs has yielded excellent results from our clients, and elsewhere all over the internet.

How CBD For Dogs Reduces Anxiety

Since official testing on animals is illegal, and rightly so, any confirmed information about CBD and its effects is obscure. Real results in humans, who have a similar nervous system to a canine, have showed tremendous success in treating anxiety, especially related to social situations.

It’s important to note that CBD is much different from THC, even though they both are byproducts of the marijuana plant. CBD oil has no mind-altering effects or sense distortion, so it can’t be considered a high, unlike THC which produces varying levels of intoxication. Behavior and mood won’t be affected by the CBD tincture in your dog.

When you give your dog CBD, it adjusts their nervous system receptors, making discomfort less noticeable or troublesome. For many, CBD aides in sleep, chronic pain, headaches, and mental illnesses including anxiety. The same results have been reported again and again for dogs, in a very positive way.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

CBD oil is not a drug. It’s a natural plant product that does not alter your perception, but instead focuses on the receptors in your body to produce different chemical reactions. You can’t harm your dog by introducing CBD into their treatment plan, but it is important to note that what works for each pooch will differ between pets. Sometimes doses should be adjusted, or other little changes may be tweaked to find the best fit for you and your pet.

Where to Buy CBD For Dogs

CannaBiDog has over 25 years of experience in canine nutrition and natural medicine. We offer plenty of resources with more information and several verified testimonials from past consumers who saw great results in their dogs. With a variety of CBD products available and different options for different focus points, any loving dog owner will find something that could improve the quality of the friend’s life with us. Please contact us for specific listings and prices. If you have more questions, never hesitate to reach out!

3 thoughts on “CBD for Separation Anxiety in Dogs”

  1. hey! My dog is now 9 months old and she has had some anxiety problems. We are definitely working on it bu have been thinking about using cbd for her (me and my husband is both and have been using cbd oil) just wondering what the ages are? Is she to young?

  2. I want to calm my Allie down. She has bad anxity and she’s a big dog . For nail cutting and her meds

    1. Hi Patricia,

      Thank you for your comment!
      It sounds like the Large Size Breed Tincture may be a good fit for her. However, we always recommend talking with your veterinarian to see if CBD will be a good fit with the other medication.

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