CBD for Healthy Dogs

CBD for Healthy Dogs

You hear a lot of advice about using CBD to handle problems like arthritis, aggression, or digestive issues in puppies, but what you don’t hear a lot about is the benefits it offers healthy dogs, too. Dog vitamins shouldn’t only be reserved for the ill and losing function, but instead be used as a way to lessen or even prevent the symptoms of aging for as long as possible. If used correctly, CBD for dogs can provide them a longer, happier life free of all the symptoms you hear CBD advertised as treating!

How CBD Works

There is a lot of speculation around how CBD affects your dog, with differing theories on the exact affects. It can be difficult trying to sift through all of the information available online, and even harder knowing what sources to trust.

Let’s look at the facts and what we know to be true, without a doubt.

CBD oil is found in cannabis plants, but it contains none of the THC that marijuana bud contains, so there are no mind-altering effects that give the user a “high”. This is a main reason why CBD is considered safe to use and has been excellent with providing health benefits. CBD and Hemp itself have no harmful side effects.

Let’s move on to how it works.

CBD interacts with the brain’s endocannabinoid receptors, both in animals and humans. These receptors are how the body communicates with the nervous system, so a lot of functions is passed through this area. The nervous system is responsible for maintaining a healthy balance, and CBD oil stabilizes these receptors and encourages healthy stimulation.

The Benefits Of CBD For Healthy Dogs

Not everyone is a fan of daily vitamins, even for their pets. It may seem a bit redundant, but consider these amazing health benefits your dog could be getting, regardless of their current position of being in tip-top shape.

Just a few of the ways CBD vitamins can be great for your dog include:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties to encourage blood flow and circulation even as they age
  • Cardiac benefits to keep them active and physical
  • Natural pain relief for any of those rough days that hit us all
  • Appetite stimulation with the added benefit of anti-nausea properties
  • A natural calming nature, for anxiety or stress
  • Encourages the production of melatonin to help dogs sleep better 

Any animal could benefit from these healthy, helpful effects from CBD, which is why daily chewable tablets have become so popular in doggy households.  It’s impossible to ward off aging and the side effects that come with it, but you can prepare and make it easier for your dog by beginning now.

Is It Proven To Work?

Limited testing has been done on dogs specifically to see if CBD oil really does benefit them the same way it does humans. However, though there is a lack of scientific backing, it’s impossible to deny the outpouring of positive, personal reviews and testimonials that state clearly that CBD has helped their canine friend’s immensely. Each dog may react differently since every brain is unique, even in our furry friends.

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