Which Product is Best for Your Dog?

dogYou’re probably thinking, where do I start? Which product should I get first? Well here are a few highlights about the different products we offer and the benefits CBD can have for your dog!Our chewable tablets and tinctures can be administered to dogs of all breeds and sizes. Check out our CBD Dosage For Dogs page for more information.

Joint Formula Chewable Tablets

  • May support your dog’s healthy joints and
    ease of movement
  • May help maintain healthy hips, joints, and
    cartilage in dogs of all ages
  • No fuss, easy to administer
  • Easy to divide into halves and quarters
    whenever fraction dose is required
  • Perfect for dogs who need extra joint
  • Can help dogs with arthritis, joint pain,
    inflammation, injury, healing, old age
  • Therapeutic daily dose


  • May help with anxiety and stress, and bring
    about more balanced, calm behavior
  • May help with other ailments such as
    seizures, cancer, pain, vomiting/nausea,
    and more
  • Dosage easy to increase or decrease if
  • We have small, medium, and large size
    breed tinctures so that you don’t have to
    count drops
  • Dosing instructions are 1⁄2 – 1 full dropper