CBD for Dogs with Storm Anxiety

Some dogs are prone to anxiety issues as a part of their personality. Very submissive dogs that have not had a lot of socialization may be more prone to it as well. There are also dogs who develop anxiety for several reasons, all of which typically trace back to a bad experience somewhere in their past.

This can make dogs appear to have PTSD, social anxiety and situational anxiety. Indeed, they can suffer from anxiety for the same sorts of reasons that a human might. Many research studies are now aimed at dog cognition, including programs at the famous Duke University in Durham, NC, USA.

CBD for Dogs with Storm Anxiety

More About Situational Storm Anxiety

Fear of storms, otherwise known as storm anxiety, is a form of situational anxiety. When the situation of lightning and thunder make their way across the sky, your dog may run for the dark space of a closet, under the bed, or even launch straight into your lap. Odds are that he’ll be shivering and terrified. When the storm passes, he returns to his normal self.

CBD products for dogs are one of the best ways to defeat this form of anxiety, along with some training and distraction. The CBD can relax them and stop them from obsessing over the storm, the lightning, thunder, and their fear of it all. When you use CBD in conjunction with some training aimed at distraction, you can begin to calm them and teach them to look forward to a storm.

In order to teach them not to fear the storm, you can use psychology to turn it into a happy time. Making it a time when you do training and feed them their special treats that they only get at ‘storm time’ is one way to change their perspective. Often, however, you can’t do this unless you can get them to relax enough to accept treats or distractions. That’s where the CBD products for dogs come in.

When to Use CBD for Anxiety

It will peak in about 2 hours, so with storm anxiety, if you pay attention to the weather, you’ll have adequate notice before most storms are due to pass through. When you know that you are in for bad weather, simply give your dog some CBD before the storm is supposed to arrive. Should you not realize a storm is coming until it is upon you, don’t fret. CBD starts working in their body within minutes. The full effect may not peak for an hour to two, but you can still take advantage of some relaxation within fifteen minutes. Using treats with CBD is fine also, but oil will typically begin working faster in those times you’ve not had advance notice. Once you’ve administered CBD, turn it into a party atmosphere. Some play, wrestling with a rope toy, treats for training, tossing a ball in the living room. Whatever it takes to make your dog forget all about what is happening outside. Before you know it, thunder and lightning will signal to him that it is time to play, not time to hide.

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