CBD For Dogs with Nausea

CBD For Dogs with Nausea

CBD is everywhere and it seems like it is being used for everything, but does it really work, but: Can it work for dogs? For dogs with nausea, specifically? There are all sorts of products on the market that are now made with CBD and CBD products for dogs have especially become popular.

Do they work? So many questions about this relatively new product are understandable. We’ll help shed some light on these questions and teach you about CBD and its common uses.

CBD For Pets – Do They Really Benefit from It?

As it turns out, all mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that operates within the body to maintain homeostasis. In fact, so do birds, fish, and reptiles. Bugs do not have an ECS, but it appears that all other forms of creatures do.

The ECS uses cannabinoids, such as CBD, to fuel the ECS and help it do its work. One of the things that CBD has been found to be especially helpful for are stomach issues, digestive disorders, and bowel problems.

It is this powerful assistance for nausea that has had many humans using CBD, especially to fight nausea related to chemotherapy cancer treatment. IBS symptoms have also reportedly been relieved from CBD, in both humans and animals.

Since the ECS works the same in all of us, it stands to reason that CBD works for the same chronic conditions and pains that dogs experience as well. More research needs to be done, but for now, it’s safe to say that the data points to many dogs finding relief from nausea as well. When questioned, owners report that their dogs can eat and experience less vomiting from chronic conditions that have been poorly managed without CBD.

CBD – The Boy Scout Molecule

CBD enters the body and immediately seeks the ECS receptors, of which there are two types. These are known by their acronyms, CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are primarily located in the brain, while CB2 receptors may be located anywhere, with high concentrations in areas like the spinal column and gut region of the body.

The CBD molecule has been nicknamed the boy scout molecule for the way in which it seems to know where it is needed the most and it always does the right thing. The ECS is capable of creating new receptors whenever it chooses, and it is spurred into doing so by specific enzymes that are a part of the system. The receptors are located on the exterior of cells that need assistance the most and that is where CBD goes. This is a bit simplified, without going into scientific details. It’s all in the name of bringing balance to the body, which is exactly what homeostasis is.  We know that homeostasis is the main goal of the ECS, and CBD is part of the fuel that helps this process. It helps dogs in the same way that it helps any creature with an ECS — which appears to be all living creatures, aside from insects.

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