CBD for pets is generally regarded as safe and non-toxic to dogs; however it is important to look closely at the individual ingredients in the CBD products you are considering for your dog before purchasing and to go into the process knowing any possible side effects to look for.

What is CBD?

CBD is a natural active compound, and one of 113 Phyto cannabinoid compounds found within the hemp plant. It is a non-psychoactive compound, meaning it doesn’t product any kind of “high” or “buzz”. Industrial hemp is from the plant species Cannabis sativa, which is high in fiber and low in active THC.

CBD acts on specific receptors within the body. On these receptors, CBD triggers your dog’s internal body systems to restore back to homeostasis and can help provide several health benefits.

What to look for in a CBD product for dogs

One of the most important things to look for first is if a product has THC in it. THC is the main psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant and can be found in small amounts in industrial hemp – it is the compound responsible for creating the “high” or “buzzed” feeling. THC can be toxic to dogs, especially in large amounts. The Animal Poison Control Center has reported an increase of calls about cannabinoid treat and tincture ingestion, largely in dogs, consistent with symptoms of THC overdose. Therefore, it is so important to do research on the products you are giving your dog to make sure it contains 0% THC. A reputable company will include test results on their website or provide them if asked. This is the only way to ensure the products you are giving to your pet have no THC.

You also want to look at things like the carrier oil, if it is organic, if it contains other unfamiliar ingredients, and how the CBD was extracted from the hemp plant (yes, this does matter!).

Canine side effects

If you’ve chosen to try CBD as a supplement for your dog, one concern you may have is what side effects are common and whether any of them are dangerous. CBD and its effect on dogs are still being studied; however, trends indicate that the most common side effects are both rare and mild:

  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea and other mild tummy problems
  • Lethargy

Can my dog overdose?

To put it simply, your dog can’t really overdose on CBD. If you do give your dog too much CBD, your dog may experience the possible side effects above.

Furthermore, to make sure you are giving your dog the right amount of CBD, try following a simple dosage chart like this one here. We always recommend starting at a low dosage and working your way up if necessary. A good rule of thumb is to not exceed the recommended dosage amount on your specific product for your dog.

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