Can CBD Oil For Dogs Be Used With Other Medications?

You’ve seen it advertised and you think that CBD oil for dogs might be just exactly what your dog needs to help with his allergies, or skin issues, or maybe even is arthritis pain. He’s already on steroids though and you’re concerned. It’s absolutely correct that you’re concerned and have questions. We can address a few of your concerns here and for the rest, we suggest that you talk with your dog’s veterinarian who can give you specific advice regarding your current prescriptions.


CBD Oil For Dogs With Other Medications – Problems?

CBD oil is fascinating in the way that it works to help mammals with such a wide variety of things. It has been proven to be especially useful for things like pain control and seizure control. Many people are concerned whether their dog can take CBD while they are on other prescriptions though.

In short, you should always ask your veterinarian for guidance in these matters. Speak to them about your desire to use CBD oil for dogs and that you’d like to know if there are any contraindications with the drugs your dog is currently prescribed.

In all likelihood, you won’t have any concerns. In fact, CBD is known to help the body use medications more effectively. CBD can help boost the performance of many prescribed medications by helping the body metabolize them and use them far more efficiently. This is very beneficial and often has an impact on multiple issues that your pet may be experiencing.

There is one case that CBD is known to be a potential problem. If your dog is on blood-thinning medications for a health condition, CBD is also known as a natural thinner of the blood. This could potentially be a concern in the event that there is an injury sustained that causes bleeding. Your dog could be at risk of internal bleeding as well, with this combination. Therefore, your veterinarian may not recommend in that case.

CBD is Generally Very Safe

There are no other known issues with CBD interacting in a negative way with other medications. In fact, CBD is considered extremely safe as well as effective. Rarely are side-effects every experienced and if they are, they are typically very mild and not permanent. Some dogs may sleep more if you give them a large dose.

Sometimes CBD can cause diarrhea if the dosage is a bit too high to start off with or if you increase the dosage too rapidly. If you find that your dog develops loose stools, simply discontinue the use of CBD oil for 24 hours and then start again, at a reduced dosage. This typically rectifies the issue.

If your dog is sleeping all the time, you may want to reduce the dose until he is more alert and awake. CBD should not cause sleepiness and will only typically do so when the dose is too high for their needs. In fact, CBD is known for making pets and humans more alert when they take it. Sleeping would be atypical. CBD is not addictive. It won’t cause withdrawals if you skip a dose by accident or if you decide that your dog no longer needs it. You may stop use at any point without repercussions. This isn’t generally the case with most prescription medications.

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  1. Has anyone tried weaning their dog off low-dose Prednisone (Temerol-P prescribed for chronic bronchitis) and switching to CBD oil instead? My older dog also has osteoarthritis which is currently managed with acupuncture.

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