Can CBD dog treats cause diarrhea?

CBD is all over the place, you see it in convenience stores, in pet shops, online, advertised on social media, and even your grandmother is using it for her arthritis. It’s a product that seems to be everywhere. You don’t know much about it but it was recommended for your dog so you purchased some and now he’s got a bad case of diarrhea. Was it the CBD? Let’s take a look at some of the things that you may need to be more aware of with CBD for your dog.


Diarrhea From CBD Dog Treats?

You’ve given your dog some CBD for dogs by giving him some treats that had CBD in them. He seems to be feeling better as far as his arthritis but now he’s developed diarrhea and you’re concerned. Is it from the CBD, you wonder?

Technically no, but yes is the answer if you are using CBD oil. You’re less likely to see diarrhea from a treat with CBD already in it. But it could be possible if your dog is sensitive to changes in his diet and the treats are a change.

CBD isn’t harmful and diarrhea isn’t harmful as long as you do something about it. To be clear, unchecked diarrhea could become problematic due to dehydration. Extended diarrhea, in cases where a pet is very ill and not drinking, can ultimately lead to their death. CBD isn’t going to cause that sort of harm, but you do want your dog to be comfortable. Diarrhea isn’t comfortable, so what do you do?

Luckily the fix is simple. Stop giving him the treat or lower the dose of the oil you are using. You may even skip a day of giving them any. As soon as the CBD is stopped, their system will reset and diarrhea will stop. It typically normalizes within 24 hours.

CBD for dogs is very safe but the oil in the CBD can cause diarrhea and it simply overwhelms their system if you start at a dose that is too high. After skipping a dose and giving them a day or two to normalize. Begin your doses again and start over with a small dose. Gradually work your way back up to the amount that your dog is best helped with.

Try increasing the dose by waiting three days between each increase. This will help their body to gradually get used to the oil and metabolize it better. Once they are used to it, they should not encounter any more diarrhea from the product and everything should be fine. CBD can actually help soothe their stomachs and bowels over time. CBD isn’t addictive and it won’t hurt them to stop taking the CBD, so don’t worry that you’ll cause them further upset. They may experience a return of arthritis discomfort but this will dissipate again as your resume dosing and gradually increase it back to the full dosage amount. Tapering up is always best when done slowly. 

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