Anxious Dogs and Trick or Treaters


For many pet owners, October is less of a time of spooky fun and more of a time for comforting anxious, nervous pets. Children and dogs aren’t always the best mix, unfortunately, especially when spirits and energies are high. Halloween Night is a prime example of this – happy trick or treaters racing around the neighborhood, ringing the doorbell, and showing off their adorable costumes.

It’s great fun for all involved, unless you have an anxious do at home that makes passing out candy or accompanying your children a difficult task on this holiday evening. Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce the amount of anxiety in your dog, even during this festive Autumn holiday, and get the chance to still enjoy the spooky season yourself!

Treating Anxiety In Dogs With CBD

By now, many understand the healing properties of CBD oil in both humans and pets. Though there has only been limited official testing done, there are thousands of testimonials that have indicated a real result behind the science of CBD supplements. For dogs, this comes with a lot of great health benefits, but it doesn’t end with a physical limit.

CBD oil is known to calm aggression in canines, enhance comfort and flexibility, as well as chill out nervous behavior and anxiety disorders. For festive families who love Halloween, this could be a Godsend! Imagine having some spooky, Halloween fun with the dog included.

Does It Really Work?

There are some arguments against CBD supplementing, but none have any real grounding. In general, CBD does a lot of good for canines. When it comes to alleviating anxiety, CBD interacts with receptors in the brain to transmit messages and feelings through the body. This is directly related to the nervous system, which is where your dog’s anxiety stems from.

Another cause for anxiety in dogs could be a low amount of serotonin in their brain, the chemical that produces happiness and comfort. CBD has a history of improving serotonin levels in both animals and humans, so this could be the answer to your dog’s nervous behavioral problems.

Lastly, CBD has been shown to greatly reduce stress within the brain of animals. Though official testing has been done only on rats, the outcome was positive all around, and many have seen positive effects in dogs.

How Can I Get My Dog Started?

There are many ways you can supplement your pup’s diet with CBD influences. One of the easiest, tastiest ways of doing so is by administering CBD dog treats. These yummy moresals are packed with nutrients that help your dog’s health, but also the calming nature of CBD oil to relieve anxiety and settle nervous habits around children. Some pet owners may worry that the chill behavior their dog will adopt is out of character or harmful, but this is far from the truth. CBD is a safe supplement for your pet, and it has the ability to soothe natural brain receptors that react poorly to children and other causes of anxiety.

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