5 Signs It’s Time To See A Vet

CBD oil for dogs

CBD oil for dogs is a great way to help your dog deal with all kinds of health issues. CBD oil has been shown to make a substantial difference for dogs suffering from physiological ailments such as arthritis, seizures, pain, and nausea. Additionally, CBD oil has proven helpful for dogs dealing with psychological issues such as anxiety. A quality CBD product definitely stands a good chance at improving your dog’s quality of life, which is just what we all want for our furry friends.


But there is no substitute for a good veterinarian. Whether or not you decide to add CBD oil to your dog’s regimen, it’s important to know how to watch him carefully and determine when his symptoms require professional intervention. Here are a few signs your dog should see a vet.


Appetite Changes

Is your dog refusing to eat or drink? If so, that’s an important signal you can’t ignore. Refusing food and water is often the first sign animals give us that they’re not feeling well. Although appetite is something that can be encouraged using CBD oil, it’s important to visit your vet and rule out a more serious cause for your dog’s refusal to eat.


Digestive Issues

Often hand in hand with a change in appetite is an upset stomach. This will manifest itself through vomiting or unusual stool quality. Keep in mind that vomiting once is not usually severe—it’s a typical way for dogs to eliminate things they may have eaten that aren’t sitting well. But if they aren’t keeping food down, it’s time to call in your vet.



It can be hard to tell if your dog is running a fever, since his body always runs warmer than yours does. Reddened eyes can be a giveaway. You should also keep alert for shivering, warmer than usual ears or nose, and (as mentioned previously) a lack of appetite.



This is an area in which your personal knowledge of your dog will be very helpful. You’ll need to assess his level of activity and compare it with what’s normal for him. Lying around the house all day is normal for some dogs. Moving slowly is standard for older dogs. If you’re not sure, try throwing your dog’s favorite toy, summoning him for a treat, or taking him for a walk. See if he responds with his usual excitement. If not, it may be a sign he’s not feeling well.


Unhealthy Coat

When something is wrong on the inside, it often manifests on the outside. Examine your dog’s coat. It should be even all over and soft to the touch (although how soft varies by breed, of course). Look for dullness, flaky or red patches, or excessive itching. These could be signs that your dog simply needs to visit the groomer—but they could also indicate something more serious.


CBD oil will never replace the involvement of a good vet in your dog’s life. But it will serve as a good supplement to help boost your dog’s overall health and improve his quality of life.